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With Tim Cook slated to kick off this year’s WWDC keynote in just a little while, it won’t be long before we are given a glimpse at what the future of iOS and macOS holds in store.

What makes WWDC 2017 especially compelling and intriguing is that Apple has done an impressive job of keeping upcoming software changes to an absolute minimum.

In many ways, WWDC 2017 has the potential to be the most exciting WWDC event we’ve seen in years, if only because nearly everything Apple will introduce later today will be a pleasant surprise.

Though some hardware announcements are rumoured to be on the docket, the star of today’s festivities will undoubtedly be iOS 11, the mobile operating system that powers Apple’s insanely popular iPhone. While new iPhone releases are undeniably exciting, new iOS releases are interesting in their own right because they provide an avenue for existing iPhone users to enjoy more advanced features without having to upgrade. That being the case, we’ve gone through all of the iOS 11 rumours we’ve seen surface over the past few months and have culled a list of the top iOS 11 features we hope Apple announces later today. We’ve also included a few wish-list iOS 11 features that haven’t been rumoured but which we hope make a surprise appearance.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay
  2. Better call quality thanks to FaceTime Audio
  3. Better battery management
  4. Dark Mode
  5. More Control Center flexibility
  6. Group notifications by individual apps
  7. Set default apps for web links and mapping
  8. More iCloud storage
  9. Swipe-style keyboard



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