Asian couple suffering & the question arises again “Are immigrants being targeted in Canada?”

Will Canada ever be home to immigrants who have accepted Canada as their home and trust it to be peaceful and prosperous for them?

Dot and Paul Pang, a couple living at 1 Rosedale Road (Lauren Pelley/CBC News)

As we hear about “Go back to China” incident at Foody Mart in Toronto, it has been less than 24 hours and we hear about another major occurrence against this Asian couple living One Rosedale Road.

Tenants cursing and screaming at each other.

Human rights posters were torn down and defaced.

Accusations of racism and theft — and multiple calls to police.

That’s the life at one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, according to a mediator’s investigation report on the state of affairs at 1 Rosedale Road.

Dot and Paul Pang moved into this apartment in the fall of 2010. Since then they have been the targets of racism. This is the scenario in an apartment which has university professors and government employees living in it. The only reason for this “hate” is that they are the only Asian couple amongst the other “so-called” white tenants in that building.

Some of the instances of “hate” can be seen in few of the incidents they have spoken about. In one of such incidents where the couple had put up signs in the communal laundry room reminding people schedules of their laundry time, other people tore those signs down and to make the matters worse later defaced with the hand-scrawled message, “CRAZY CHINESE.” Dot Pang quoted in an interview with CBC Toronto:

“We’re dealing with this kind of living environment where everyone is aiming hate at you,”

All the hate the couple have talked about comes in form of various documents that they have shared — including a timeline of events, copies of emails from other tenants, and a redacted copy of the mediator investigation with the addition of their own notes. This clearly shows us that “nearly everyone in the building” is involved in targeting the Pangs. They have repeatedly heard comments like “You aren’t fitting in“,  “Terrible cooking smell“.

When CBC Toronto also contacted landlord Les Steiner, he had a different story to say based on what other tenants told him. He mentions about having received complaints from other residents about Pangs and also claims to have a security footage of Dot Pang “stalking other tenants with her camera repeatedly.” He adds that he has been in this business for about 40 years now and has never come across any such incident.

The Pangs in their backyard where other tenants have been stealing their produce and peering in their windows. (Lauren Pelley/CBC News)

As Investigation found ‘no evidence’ of racism, Dot Pang hopes to fight against the eviction notice issued to them on Tuesday, saying it’s definitely “racially-motivated.

“We’re the only non-white people in this building,” she said. “What else is it?”


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