The big ‘Montreal’ fight – Custio Clayton in hunt for WBO welterweight title

Since he North Preston's Custio Clayton is under the new management, he looks confident to chase world title on Saturday against Argentine veteran Cristian Coria


The big fight is on for world boxing title and this Nova Scotia boxer Custio Clayton is confident of chasing this title under the new management.

Check out what Clayton has to express:

Custio Clayton believes he needs to be patient and that would be a key to success in this big match. He says he is not too worried as he is quite aware of his opponent.

“Custio is a way better boxer but the guy comes with a decent record,” said Custio’s trainer, Daniel Trepanier.  He also confirmed that their goal is to get Custio Clayton ready to fight for a world title by the end of 2018 or early in 2019. They also hope to find that new promoter who shall help them get the right fights against the right opponents.