Carnage on Flinders – Cries of emergency called out at Flinders Street, Melbourne – A car crashes into rush hour crowds

At least 16 people injured and reports of 2 people dead after this horrifying incident


There was drama on the Flinders Street as the white Suzuki SUV crashed into the group of panicked commuters and shoppers at Melbourne’s busy Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street around 4.40pm on Thursday. One of the witnesses said:

‘There were bodies on the ground and people running up to them – it was mayhem.’

The driver of the vehicle seems to have fainted when the car crashed and police tried to wake him until he came out of it.

One of the witnesses said that the car seemed to be travelling at 80-100kmph. Victorian Police has arrested the driver of the car and another man. The Police are refusing to call it an act of Terrorism and just saying it could be Deliberate Act. The Police urging people to come forward and assist them with the investigation by submitting videos or photographs.