Congrats to Jagmeet Singh, the future Prime Minister of Canada – Know your future First Lady

Several photos surfaced on social media on Sunday showing NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh sitting beside 27-year-old Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu, co-founder of Toronto-based Punjabi clothing line Jangiiro


Sikh lawyer and martial artist Jagmeet Singh who was recently elected Canada’s NDP Leader seemed to have all the right reasons to celebrate this weekend. The occasion that seemed to be creating a lot of buzz in the media and the public suggest that he got engaged.

mubarka veer ji

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Several photos from this celebration have surfaced on social media in which Mr Singh is seen sitting next to 27-year-old Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu, co-founder of Toronto-based Punjabi clothing line Jangiiro.

They were seen traditionally dressed up and were seen sitting together in front of a floral backdrop. So the question is:

Is Jagmeet Singh engaged? IS Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu OUR FUTURE FIRST LADY?

DJ K Square mentions that he was honoured to play DJ at Jagmeet Singh’s Rokha.

This DJ also posted another video on his Instagram where everyone is celebrating calling it a “Special House Party

No to forget, the Brampton-based photographer also posted on Instagram account congratulating future Prime Minister and First Lady of Canada.

Singh’s press secretary, James Smith, told Daily Hive that the couple isn’t exactly labelling the ceremony as anything specific.

“Although they didn’t formally label the event as any specific thing, rather just a celebration marking the meeting of their two families. They are both surprised and deeply touched by the amount of public attention this has garnered,” said Smith in an email statement.

Congratulations to happy-go-lucky people!