A lady shouts out loud “Go back to China” at Foody Mart in Toronto

Will Justin Justin Trudeau be happy to see this as he supports and welcomes immigrants to come to Canada?


Frank Hong was upset after the recent incident that happened at Foody Mart in Toronto. “GO BACK TO CHINA, GO BACK TO CHINA.” – These were the words the lady kept repeating aat a Chinese speciality store. Frank says:

I never thought I’d hear those words in real life

Frank who was present at the spot also tells us that after three minutes of constant racist verbal abuse and trying to intervene, he started to film this video. Please note that the things we see and hear in this video are after three minutes of constant racist verbal abuse. Imagine, how bad the scenario would have been before this video was actually shot. The lady seems to have calmed down because she realised her intolerant behaviour is being captured by someone.

Let’s raise awareness and make sure this never happens again in Canada. We, as Canadians and as the World, need to stand up to this bigotry, xenophobia and racism.

Justin speaks on Racism
Screenshot from Global News video/Justin speaks on Racism

Where the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is trying to bring awareness and working towards “No Racism” culture in Canada, there are instances like these which hurt every Canadian resident. Mr Trudeau reiterated early this year the importance of having an open discussion on racism and intolerance in Canada in order to have a more productive society.

Sadly, Racism and xenophobia have not gone any further away from all of us. In fact, things seem to have gotten worse recently. Here are few more instances and tweets from Canada to look at:

While Canada maintains it’s spot in Global Peace Rankings, are such incidents helping the society or doing any good for the progress of the country?