Topless female ran in and tried to take baby Jesus statue away | Vatican city menace

The woman, who also had “God is woman” painted in black on her bare back


It was all drama in Vatican City on Christmas Day after a topless female revolutionary tried to take the statue of baby Jesus away at Nativity scene. However, this woman who was had “God is woman” painted on her bare back, was quickly taken into custody by the police before she tried to snatch it.

This topless woman in black paint was seen crossing the guardrail and running toward the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, as per the reports.

Alisa managed to have her hands on the baby statue, but police caught her before she was able to snatch it away. She was immediately detained.

As per the reports, this incident took place just about two hours before 50,000 people watched Pope Francis give his Christmas message in St. Peter’s Square.